Monday, October 26, 2015

Benefits reeds for Health

Reed plant or plants that have the name Imperata cylindrica L This is a plant that fall into the category gluma or parasites. Reeds are often found in particular in rural areas that grow wild. Although wild plants, it turns out the weeds have tremendous benefits for health. Do you know about the benefits of the reeds? Here we will jelasnkan reeds benefits for health:

This is Reed Benefits For Health Care Pro

Treating Urinary Stone Penyakkit
Urinary stone disease is a disease caused due to deposition of kalsiun role in bladder. This disease can be overcome denhgan using reeds. The way is to wash the reeds and then boiled and take water to drink.

Overcoming Hypertension
Hypertension or blood disease High temperatures can also be treated with this one plant is reed. The trick is similar to the above is enough menggnakan boiled with 2 cups water to boil. After that you regularly drink at least 2 cups a day to get the maximum results.

Treating Asthma
Memanfatakan way reeds to overcome asthma is enough to boil 100 grams of reed, add 50 grams series and kencur. After it boiled using 200 ml of water and leave to stay half a strain then drink regularly.

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Makanan Kaya Alkali yang Baik Untuk Tubuh

Makanan kaya akan alkali mampu meningkatkan kadar oksigen dalam darah. Makanan yang mengandung alkali juga mamu menyehatkan tubuh secara menyeluruh. Selain itu, mekanan yang mengandung alkali juga mampu menyeimbangkan kadar pH dan mengoptimalkan kemampuan tubuh dalam menyerap nineral dan vitamin.

Buah-buahan yang mengandung alkali juga cocok untuk mereka yang sedang diet. Ini karena buah tersebut mampu menurunkan berat badan. Selain itu, buah ini mampu meningkaykan fungsi otak agar lebih baik. Berikut adalah buah-buahan yang mengandung alkali.

1. Lemon. Buah lemon terkenal banyak mengandung oksigen. Kandungan alkali dalam lemon sangat cocok untuk penderita batuk, pilak, dan juga flu.

2. Semangka. Buah ini memiliki kadar air yang tinggi, sehingga dapat berfungsi sebagai diuretik. Perlu Anda ketahui jika buah semangka dapat memberikan energi instan.

3. Kiwi. buah kiwi mengandung flavanoid yang mampu mempromosikan pH basa dan memberikan banyak energi untuk tubuh..

4. Pepaya. Ini merupakan buah yang baik untuk pencernaan. Buah ini mampu membersihkan usus dan mengatur gerakan usus. Selain itu pepaya juga membantu membersihkan ginjal.

5. Nanas. Buah nanas sangat baik untuk tubuh karena nanas mengandung vitamin, A, vitamin B, dan vitamin C, serta antioksidan. Buah nanas mampu mengatur darah, dan menurunkan tekanan darah serta dapat mencegah resiko penyakit kardiovaskular.

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Benefits ants nest for Body Health

Everyone of course wants to have a healthy and fit body. Besides by eating healthy foods and exercising, one way to keep your body healthy is by eating herbs, such as soursop leaf decoction, mangosteen peel and anthill. Lately manfaar of ant nest is very helpful for world health. untu more details, here is a nest of ants to benefit health.

Overcoming coronary heart

The first benefit is that it can cope with coronary heart disease. This is because the ant nest contains multi minerals, such as calcium, potassium and many more. Considering how many vitamin content in the ant nest can not hurt to try taking a herbal remedy to overcome and prevent coronary heart disease.


In addition to containing multi-mineral, is also rich ant nests flavonois which can prevent blood clots. not only that, the ant nest also have tocopherol compounds that are proven to thin the blood. so that it can prevent clotting and blockage of the arteries and can also cope with high blood pressure.

Overcoming pain coconut

Flavonoids in the ant nest is also able to cope with a headache. In addition to flavonoids, the ant nest also contains calcium, magnesium and sodium. Which is useful for maintaining a healthy body.

Those are some health benefits to the body of the ant nest.

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Tempat Paling Romantis Untuk Bulan Madu

Setelah menikah tentunya setiap pasangan melakukan rencana untuk bulan madu. Bulan madu para pengantin baru biasnya berwisata ke berbagai tempat indah seperti pantai, pulau, bahkan dareah perbukitan. Namun, untuk pemilihan tempat bulan madu harus benar-benar dipikirkan secara matang. Hal ini karena bulan madu merupakan momen yang paling indah bagi pengantin muda.

Terdapat tempat paling romantis yang cocok untuk bulan madu di berbagai negara. Simak ulasan berikut.

1. Vancouner, Kanada. Tempat ini memiliki pemandangan air yang dapat dilihat dari pegunungan dan merupakan salah satu tempat terindah di dunia. Jika Anda memilih tempat ini untuk bulan madu maka ini bisa menjadi momen yang paling menakjubkan. Dari tempat ini juga Anda dapat menikmati semi padang gurun Stanley Park dan berbagai museum eksotik.

2. The Great Ocean Road, Australia.Negara ini memiliki banyak tempat indah untuk Anda kunjungi. Bagi Anda yang melakukan bulan madu ke Australia, Anda dapat menyewa mobil di Melbourne dan berjalan-jalan di Great Ocean Road. Panjang pantai yang mencapai 285 km ini sangat cocok untuk Anda yang sedang berbulan madu.

3. Dartmoor, Inggris. Ini merupakan tempat yang cocok bagi pasangan yang suka menjelajah. Di sini Anda dapat berjalan kaki dengn pasangan Anda di padang yang mistis ini. Kekompakan Anda akan menjadi romantis di tempat ini.

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Relationships in the Office? Know These Tips

As the proverb says "witing Tresno trailing songko be accustomed" which means love begins accustomed to meeting. This may possibly be a reason for people involved in love or romance in the workplace. Indeed, it can not be denied and it is advised because most of the time everyday just spent at work, and only those people who would There was encountered.

But, you need to know before you decide to establish a relationship in the office is very important that you know this beforehand. Because a relationship that will possibly make your work becomes impaired concentration. Here are some tips on relationships with co-workers who need to know!

In this case meant adalahmencoba for professionals when working in the office. Do pernahh bring personal problems to the couple to the office. Besides keeping your communication and a good attitude or propesional with a partner when in the office. If you feel able to go ahead and Strengthen the self to a relationship CINLOK "love the location" is.

Tell Tops
Before you decide to have better relations you to be forthright in advance against the boss of the boss should know of others. Because honesty are very important and expensive even though it was difficult. Currently, many problems were excluded from a job because of getting caught in a relationship one office, according to the company because it can decrease their prolific nature. Of course you do not want to happen, right? Then you should be honest with your boss first.

Taking bold Decisions
Liaise many consequences should you decide and face. For example if a love affair that ended course it will make you awkward and uncomfortable when they met. Then the consequences you have to decide between choosing a spouse or a job? If the spouse, then you should look for another job than to work but you are not comfortable, it will worsen your career in the company.

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Tips Wear Clothing Color Pink

Pink or pink almost liked by every woman. This may be a symbol of women to look feminine. The color pink is also suitable for various events, such as the party, a family gathering, or a vacation.

Until now, the color pink is still a popular color in the world of fashion. As reported by, bright colors such as pink is often found in the ranks of fashion autum / winter 2015. The main thing to note is looking for bright and dark tones to suit you. In addition, note wana your skin and hair. Customize the color that matches aar skin color looks brighter.

You can bereksperiem with shade to match accessories you will wear. Many colors are adjusted as color isa thin, dusty, or peach. There is also a brighter color is pink rather red or purplish. However apapunshade you choose, the point you should feel confident and comfortable.

In using the color pink is better to use an item. If you are forced to combine with other colors then select a contrasting color shade but still worth it. You can choose a bleak wana mint green and pale pink.

If you are feeling confident, you can also have the color pink accents or select busan sebgai pink motif.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

This is for the Health Benefits of Omega 9

Fat is a source of food that is needed by the body. This is because fat is useful to become a source of energy that can make the body can move and more excited. However, many people are afraid to eat fat because of fear of being fat and high cholesterol. But you do not worry, there are two types of fat are known in general. Namely healthy fats and bad fats. One of the healthy fats you can consume is omega 9. Omega 9 is a good fat that is rich in benefits. For more details, here are the health benefits of omega 9.

Lowers the risk of insulin resistance

Insulin resistance can lead to type 1 diabetes, where the body can produce insulin but the body can not use it as needed. So that it causes a person to experience a buildup of insulin and insulin deficiency. However, consumption of omega 9 that you can reduce the risk of insulin resistance because the body develops a very good reaction against normal cholesterol levels.

Boost the immune system

The buildup of cholesterol in the body have a very bad effect, one that can weaken the immune system. Of course this can make the body may be susceptible to disease.

Improve the absorption of vitamins

Furthermore, which can increase the absorption of the vitamin. Omega 9 helps the body to absorb various kinds of vitamins into the body, including vitamin that can not be manufactured by the body.

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