Friday, October 16, 2015

Beauty Tools Packing Tips when Traveling

Beauty products are things that can not be separated from the majority of women. Each biaanya beauty products used every day. However, it ni becomes a problem when you are traveling. Beauty equipment which sometimes interfere number is not small.

Here are tips to pack when traveling beauty you need to know.

1. Select the most important. If you will be traveling, choose the most important beauty equipment. This is because you are carrying a bag yng also includes other goods besides beauty equipment. Suppose you only go a few nights then you are advised not to bring a mask.

2. Select the product that double. Currently there are products that have multiple functions. For example you usually wear sunblock, foundation, and powder then you can use the BB creadm with SPF. This will save space in a bag to take with you.

3. Bring in sachets. To save space in your bag are advised to choose beauty products in sachet packaging. You do not need to bring one bottle due to traveling would not require that much. In addition to light sachet packaging is also practical to carry.

4. Use the storage area. In order not to fall apart and tidy you should use a special place for your beauty products. It will make you easier to take. In addition, if placed in a container, it can prevent the spilled product to the whole bag.

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