Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fruit Makes Brighter Face

The fruit is an important food for the body. Usually used as a fruit juice or other dietary supplement ingredients. But you need to know if the fruit is also able to beautify the skin wajah.Caranya is quite simple, you only need a few minutes to produce a glowing complexion. Sliced fruit into pieces and rub it on your skin.

Here are the pieces that make skin brighter

1. Papaya. Papaya contains antioxidants that are good remedy skin. The trick, put a few pieces of papaya to the face and let stand a few minutes. The benefits are papaya mampi removes dead skin cells and can beautify the skin.

2. Bananas. You do not need to salons for skin care. You simply take advantage of bananas that contain vitamins, magnesium, iron, potassium, good for facials. How, mash banana with a spoon and then apply to your skin. Let stand a few minutes and rinse with warm water.

3. Kiwi. For those of you who want to have the face of a healthy and clean, use a kiwi fruit to be used as a scrub. The content of the kiwi fruit is also believed to prevent premature aging.

4. Lemon. As we know, the lemon contains lots of vitamin C content results is very good for the skin. You can paste a slice of lemon, and let stand about 15 minutes then rinse with water.

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