Friday, October 16, 2015

This is the Richest in Indonesia

Born in a wealthy family may be the dream of every child, because by having a rich family would all be assured associated with their needs and education. But if it becomes a rich family should also be trying to rack my brain to be responsible in the family business. Most rich people tend to have a business that will be developed are hereditary. It is not just that there is abroad alone, it turns out in the country or in Indonesia there is also a family that has been highly regarded by having the coffers of money that people say Java will not run for seven generations. Want to know the richest families in Indonesia? Here's the explanation!

This is the richest family in Indonesia

Hartono family
Keluarhga Hartono is coming out in the order of 12 richest families in Asia. The owner of the company Djarum has a wealth of $ 12.7 billion, or the equivalent of 165 trillion.

Indonesia's richest family owned company Widjaja next is a company that has Sinarmas Group. This family position pliers 28 richest families in Asia.

Family Wonowidjodjo
the latter is the richest families winowidjodjo an origin which has the Indonesian cigarette company that is a warehouse of salt. Wealth he possessed was 64 trillion that has peaked at number 32 list of richest people in Asia.

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