Sunday, October 18, 2015

Model Hairstyles For Round Faces

Not only models of women's hair, male hair model is also interesting to follow the development. They always obeying haircut is becoming a trend. But sometimes men often forget the face shape. Whereas hairstyle that suits your face shape will actually make you look less attractive. According to the hairdresser, a good haircut is a haircut is to adjust the shape of the face.

One form of the face that need to be considered is the round face shape. The shape of this face if one chose haircut will berpengarh all against appearance. Here is a man who is suitable hairstyle for a round face.

1. Spiky Hair. One of the top artists who menggunakn this hairstyle is Niall Horan, One Direction one of the personnel who have a round face. On the side of the hair is cut short. And the spike is made approximately 1 inch will change the face prodil.

2. Men's Undercut. This hairstyle is ideal for men who have a round face. You can cut the hair to the back side. And to the top, leaving hair with a length. Adna can comb the hair on the back or side with gel to make it more presentable.

3. Slick Back Hair. For men who want to use this hairstyle needs to have long hair and short upper side. In addition, you are also advised to use wax or pemade.

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